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1006 Fatherland St Suite 301

Nashville Tn 37206



Weekdays :  11 to 7

Saturday : 11 to 6


CLOSED on Sundays

A blend full of adaptogens to help the body deal with stress.
Herbs traditionally used for asthma and COPD.
Airway to Heaven
This tea has anti aging benefits from the inside out! Packed with antioxidants and health benefits in a lovely red, warm, floral flavor.  This tea is amazing in the manner that you can either infuse it to drink or use the tea as an external “face water.”
Natural Beauty Herbal Infusion
Ingredients: Schisandra Berry, Chamomile, Hibiscus, Lemongrass, Orange Peel & Rose Petals
Ancient Orchard
Antioxidant herbal tea contains the power hitters of the antioxidant world that help eliminate free radical molecules that damage your wonderful body's cells. Give your body the boost and love it needs!
Antioxidant Herbal Infusion
A specialty after dinner tea to please the taste buds and assist with digestion.
Baimudan / White Peony
Baimudan "White Peony"
A whole body, everyday tonic infusion made up of "weeds" native to our Appalachian region and named after one of our favorite places...Black Mountain, NC.
Black Mountain Blend




Due to the high volume of orders we're receiving and the hand made nature of our product...

Please allow around 3 weeks before receiving your order. Thank you!